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What Products Need to Use PCB Board in Daily Life?

What products need to use the PCB board in our daily life? How about the design of the PCB board?


The first is the electronic products that require integrated circuits:


These products are designed to save space and are made to be lighter and more compact. Durability and good performances require the cancellation of the previous wire connection and switching to printed circuit board. PCB could meet the requirements of space-saving, good performance, and reliability.


Not each electronic appliance needs a circuit board. Simple electronic appliances are less likely to apply circuits, such as motors. However, electrical appliances with specific functions usually install circuit boards to implement their functions, for example, TV, radio, and computer. There is also a PCB at the bottom of the electric cooker and a speed controller in the fan.


What other types of products will need the use of a PCB board?


PCB usually refers to the hard circuit board, mainly used in computer motherboard, mouse board, graphics card, office equipment, printer, copier, remote control, various chargers, calculator, digital camera, radio, the motherboard of household TV appliance: restricted TV amplifier, mobile phone, washer, electronic weigher, telephone, LED light, etc.; air conditioner, refrigerator, stereophony, MP3; for industrial equipment: GPS, car, instrument, medical instrument, aircraft, military weapon, missile, satellite, etc.


The mainboard and keyboard of the mobile phone are hard boards, while the connecting cable of the slide phone or flip phone is a soft board. The remote control is usually made of a carbon film plate. The mobile phone board consists of a radio-frequency circuit, a power circuit, an audio circuit, and a logic circuit from top to bottom.

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