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What are the Layout Requirements for Special Components of PCB Board Printer?

Many special components are often used in the layout of the PCB board printer. Once the layout is not handled well, it will directly affect the performance and quality of the PCB board printer. So what are the layout requirements of the special components of the PCB board printer?

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1. Layout requirements for crimping devices

(1) There should be no components higher than 3mm in the range of 3mm around the curved/male, curved/female crimping device surface. And there should be no welding devices around 1.5mm; the distance from the opposite side of the crimping device to the pinhole center of the crimping device is 2.5mm. There shall be no components within this range.

(2) There must be no components within 1mm around the straight/male and straight/female crimping devices.

2. Layout requirements for thermal devices

(1) Keep thermal devices (such as electrolytic capacitors, crystal oscillators, etc.) away from high-heat devices as much as possible.

(2) The thermal device should be close to the component under test and away from the high-temperature area to avoid being affected by other heat-generating components.

(3) Place the heat-generating and heat-resistant components near or on the top of the air outlet, and try to stagger the position with other heating components and heat-sensitive components in the air rising direction.

3. Layout requirements with polar devices

(1) THD devices with polarity or directionality have the same direction in the layout and are arranged neatly.

(2) The direction of the polarized SMC is as consistent as possible on the board; the devices of the same type are arranged neatly and beautifully.

4. Layout requirements for through-hole reflow soldering devices

(1) For PCB board printer with non-transmission side dimensions greater than 300mm, try not to place heavy components in the middle of the PCB.

(2) In order to facilitate the insertion, the device is arranged near the operation side of the insertion.

(3) The length direction of the longer device is consistent with the transmission direction.

(4) The distance between the pad edge of the through-hole reflow soldering device and other SMT devices>2mm.

(5) The distance between the body of the through-hole reflow soldering device is >10mm.

(6) The distance between the pad edge of the through-hole reflow soldering device and the transmitting side is ≥10mm; the distance from the non-transmitting side is ≥5mm.

The above is the layout requirements for the special components of the pcb board layout printer. We hope it will be helpful.

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