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What are the Characteristics Inspection Items of PCB Board Printer?

After the PCB board printer is completed, it is necessary to verify whether the characteristics of the circuit board meet the drawing design and quality standards, and the characteristics of the circuit board must be checked. So, what are the characteristics of inspection items of the PCB board printer?


1. Electrical characteristics of inspection items:

(1) Have the influence of wire resistance, inductance, and capacitance been analyzed?

(2) Do the spacing and shape of the wire accessories meet the insulation requirements?

(3) Has the insulation resistance value been controlled and specified in key parts?

(4) Is the polarity fully recognized?

(5) Whether to measure the influence of wire spacing on leakage resistance and voltage from a geometric perspective?

(6) Has the medium for changing the surface coating been identified?

2. Physical characteristics inspection items:

(1) Are all pads and their positions suitable for assembly?

(2) Does the assembled PCB board printer meet the shock and vibration conditions?

(3) What is the distance between the standard components specified?

(4) Are the components that are not securely installed or heavy parts fixed?

(5) Is the heating element cooling and cooling correctly? Is it isolated from the custom made circuit boards and other thermal elements?

(6) Are the voltage divider and other multi-lead components positioned correctly?

(7) Is the arrangement and orientation of components easy to check?

(8) Have all possible interferences of the PCB board printer and the entire board assembly been eliminated?

(9) Is the size of the positioning hole correct?

(10) Are the tolerances complete and reasonable?

(11) Have you controlled and verified the physical properties of all coatings?

(12) Is the diameter ratio of the hole to the lead wire within the acceptable range?

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