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The transportation industry has come up with many effective innovations in providing electronic solutions that take advantage of complex, highly customized PCBs. For risk-free transportation solutions, the printed circuit board industry has developed mature PCB layouts, PCB manufacturing boards, and SMT to meet technological advancements in road transportation, railway, aerospace, shipping, marine, and automotive markets.

Application of PCB in transportation:

  • GPS tracking devices show new innovations in their use, installing vehicles by transmitting vehicle batteries directly to a web server. Rigid flex PCB has a high utilization rate, and mini GPS trackers used in various transportation systems are increasingly used.

  • Reverse alarm for trucks, forklifts, electric vehicles, coaches, buses, tankers, and other heavy vehicles. Another type of alarm system includes a call alarm, which has a risk-free warning system that can account for the exact danger of not applying a manual brake, releasing the seat belt, requiring fuel, etc. Other car alarms and immobilizers used for vehicle security are also used to lock doors and steering wheels. For these automotive systems, anti-theft alarm circuits and automotive anti-theft circuits occupy a high percentage of the PCB market.

  • Automatic transformer track controllers are also demonstrating their innovations in railway systems controlling railway signal electronics. Detection devises for the train control mechanism. Today, rail traffic light controllers for train lighting systems and LED lights used on trains are running smoothly.

  • Automotive and heavy-duty vehicles are now equipped with system performance sensors, control brake systems, torque sensors, accelerometers, and other automotive parts sensors.

  • Dual-row PTH PCB, HDI layer PCB, and multi-layer PCB are used for train communication tracking and are highly used for communication systems in the railway industry.

  • Maglev trains without wheels with magnetic tracks will slowly replace traditional track systems as electronics develop.

  • Self-driving cars and electric vehicles with calibrated robots and navigation systems add the latest features

  • Intelligent road systems are used to understand traffic patterns, pay attention to tires hitting the ground, guide drivers to read traffic and route destinations.

  • Other innovations can be found in subways, subway trains, ships, submarines, speedboats, paraglider systems, ergonomic transport systems used in the medical industry, electric trucks, etc.

  • Today in the transportation industry, SPEEDAPCB guarantees to provide customers with high-end customized, high-quality PCBs, deliver orders on time, and manufacture and custom assembly PCB in accordance with international quality standards.

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