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Three Major Factors that Cause PCB Board Soldering Defects

In recent years, in the process development of electronic industry, a very obvious trend of PCB board soldering technology is reflow soldering technology. The major electronic manufacturers also pay close attention to the quality of PCB soldering. Next, please take a look at the three major factors causing PCB board welding defects with Speeda!

1. The solderability of PCB hole affects the soldering quality.

If the solderability of PCB hole is not good, it will produce false soldering defects, affect the parameters of components in the circuit, and lead to the instability of multi-layer board components and inner layer wires, and cause the failure of the whole circuit. The so-called solderability is the property that the metal surface is wetted by the molten solder, that is, a relatively uniform continuous smooth adhesion film is formed on the metal surface of the solder.

2. Soldering defects caused by PCB warping

Warping of PCB board and components during soldering process, such as false soldering and short circuit due to stress deformation. Warpage is often caused by the temperature imbalance between the upper and lower parts of PCB. For large PCB board, due to its own weight, it will also produce warpage. The distance between ordinary PBGA device and PCB is about 0.5mm. If the device on PCB is large, the solder joint will be under stress for a long time as the PCB board returns to normal shape after cooling down. If the device is raised by 0.1mm, it will lead to open circuit.

3. PCB design affects the soldering quality

In the layout, when the PCB size is too large, although the soldering is easy to control, the printed line is long, the impedance is increased, the anti-noise ability is reduced, and the cost is increased; if the PCB is too small, the heat dissipation is reduced, and the soldering is not easy to control, and the adjacent lines interfere with each other easily, such as electromagnetic interference of PCB board. Therefore, the PCB design must be optimized.

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