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Three Major Factors that Cause Defects in PCB Board Soldering

With the development of PCB board soldering technology in electronic industry for recent years, the reflow soldering has become the notable trend.The quality of PCB board soldering is an issue which major electronics manufacturers pay close attention to.Please follow the Hunan Speeda Technology Co.,Ltd.to have a look at three major factors that cause defects in PCB board soldering.


1.The solderability of the  plate hole of PCB board affects soldering quality

Poor solderability of the plate hole of PCB board will lead to cold solder joint.This defect will affect the parameters of the elements in the circuit and result in the instability of conducting between electronic components in multilayer board and inner wires and finally the failure of the whole circuit.Solderability means the property of the metal’s surface getting dampened by molten solder, which is that the solder will form a relatively even, continuous and smooth adhesion film in metal’s surface.

2.The warping of PCB board lead to defects

In soldering,PCB board and components may get warped,and defects such as cold solder joint and short circuit may happened due to stress deformation.The warping usually happens as a result of the unbalance in the temperatures of the upper and lower sides of PCB board. And as for PCB board with a big size, it’s falling may also lead to the warping because of its own weight.The normal PBGA device is about 0.5mm away from the PCB board, but if PCB board is loaded with a big device, it will return to a normal shape with the temperature getting lower, and soldering joint will be under stress for a long time. And a mere 0.1mm elevation of devices will generate cold solder joint  and open circuit.

3.The design of PCB board affects soldering quality

In layout,when PCB board is too big, although the soldering can be easily get controlled,the cost increases and the noise immunity reduces because of longer printing wires and higher impedance; when PCB board is too small, adjacent wires are prone to interfere with each other such as electromagnetic interference in PCB board because it is more difficult to dissipate heat and control the soldering.Therefore,efforts are needed to optimize the design of PCB board.

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