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The Working Principle and Composition of the PCB Board Printer

Printed circuit boards can be called printed circuit boards or PCB printed circuit board. The FPC circuit boards are also called flexible circuit boards. Flexible circuit boards are made of polyimide or polyester film with high reliability and excellent flexibility. The names of the circuit boards are ceramic circuit boards, alumina ceramic circuit boards, aluminum nitride ceramic circuit boards, circuit boards, PCB boards, aluminum substrates, high-frequency boards, thick copper boards, impedance boards, PCBs, ultra-thin circuit boards, ultra Thin circuit boards, printed (copper etching technology) circuit boards, etc.

1. Working principle of PCB printed circuit board

The working principle of the PCB printed circuit board is to isolate the conductive layer of the copper foil on the surface with the base insulating material so that the current flows in various components along the pre-designed route to complete tasks such as work, amplification, attenuation, modulation, demodulation, and encoding.


2. Composition of PCB printed circuit board

The PCB board printer is mainly composed of pads, vias, mounting holes, wires, components, connectors, SMT patches, filling, electrical boundaries, etc. The main functions of each component are as follows:

Pad: A metal hole used to solder the pins of components.

Vias: There are metal vias and non-metal vias, among which metal vias are used to connect component pins between layers.

Mounting hole: used to fix the circuit board.

Wire: the electrical network copper film used to connect the pins of components.

Connectors: components used to connect between circuit boards.

Filling: copper coating for ground wire network, which can effectively reduce impedance. 

Electrical boundary: used to determine the size of the circuit board, and all components on the circuit board cannot exceed this boundary.

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