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The Difference Between Aluminum Substrate and PCB and Application of PCB

1. The difference between aluminum substrate PCB and PCB board

For some people who are just entering the industry, they don't know how to distinguish between aluminum substrate PCB and PCB board. What is the difference between the two?

PCB boards and aluminum substrate PCBs are designed in accordance with the requirements of PCB boards. At present, aluminum substrate PCBs in the market are generally single-sided aluminum substrate PCBs. PCB board is a large type, and aluminum substrate PCB is just one type of PCB board, which is an aluminum-based metal board. Because of its good thermal conductivity, it is generally used in the LED industry.

PCB board is generally a copper substrate, which is also divided into single panel and double panel. The materials used between the two are obviously different. The main material of aluminum substrate is aluminum plate, while the main material of PCB board is copper. The aluminum substrate is special due to its PP material. The heat dissipation is better. The price is also more expensive.

Comparing the two in terms of heat dissipation, the performance of the aluminum substrate in terms of heat dissipation is better than that of the PCB board, and its thermal conductivity is also different. Aluminum substrate PCB is a kind of PCB, and the price of aluminum substrate PCB is higher.

2. Application of PCB board

Not all electrical appliances need to use circuit boards. For example, motors do not need to use circuit boards. So which products will require the use of PCB boards? 

 Electrical appliances with specific functions generally require circuit boards to achieve many, many, such as televisions, radios, and computers. There is also a PCB board at the bottom of the rice cooker and a speed regulator in the fan.

PCB generally refers to a hard circuit board, used in computer motherboards, mouse boards, graphics cards, office equipment, printers, copiers, remote controllers, various chargers, calculators, digital cameras, radios, TV motherboards, limited TV amplifiers, Mobile phones, washing machines, electronic scales, telephones, LED lamps, home appliances: air conditioners, refrigerators, stereos, MP3; industrial equipment, GPS, automobiles, instrumentation, medical instruments, airplanes, military weapons, missiles, satellites and other electronic products that require integrated circuits.

In order to save space, make products lighter/more durable/and achieve good performance, these electronic products must eliminate the previous wire connections and switch to printed circuit boards. PCB meets the space/performance and reliability requirements very well.

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