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The Difference between a Medical PCB and a Normal PCB

With the faster and faster pace of social development, people are paying more and more attention to health, and the equipment in the medical industry has put forward higher requirements for the performance of PCB materials. So what are the medical technical requirements for the reliability, high frequency, high speed, and high conductivity of PCB?

Medical PCB unknowingly has become one of the most complex and challenging part in the PCB industry. Many people in the industry have asked about medical PCBs and ordinary PCBs as one board. Is there any difference? The answer is yes. In summary, there are the following aspects:

1) "Safety" and "Reliability": Safety and reliability are the core issues of medical PCB board. Life support products or high-end products refer to IPC-3 standards, and non-life support or low-end products refer to IPC-2. The large-scale medical terminal establishes its independent standard enterprise standard, strictly controls the reliability of the product. So this is very important.

2) Long service life of medical PCB: General medical PCB board warranty time is more than 5 years, and large medical equipment requires at least 10 years, and the product has a long service life.

3) Large hierarchical span: From consumer medical products that meet conventional requirements, to mid-to-high-end medical products that meet high reliability and high stability requirements, to small portable products that meet high-density and high-integration, and wearable medical products that meet smart and multi-functions. Medical PCBs often have a wide range of applications.

4) Traceability of medical PCB: Products require strict process records and product traceability. Some large medical terminals require the traceability of PCB processing records for 10 years.

5) The process and fire protection requirements of medical PCBs are different, and they are different from the normal PCB process when spraying tin and cleaning the board.

6) Generally, the demand for medical PCBs is small and the process requirements are high.

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