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Single Side PCB/Single-sided PCB
Single Side PCB/Single-sided PCB
Single Side PCB/Single-sided PCB
Single Side PCB/Single-sided PCB

The most basic circuit board——single side pcb

Single-Sided Boards are the most basic PCB, the parts are concentrated on one side, and the wires are concentrated on the other side (when there are chip components, the same side as the wire and the plug-in device is on the other side). Because the wires only appear on one side, this type of PCB is called Single-sided. Because the single panel has many strict restrictions on the design circuit (because there is only one side, the wiring cannot cross and must go around its own path), only early circuits used this type of board.

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Features of Single Side PCB/Single-sided PCB

Single Side PCB/Single-sided PCB

The single side PCB is the most basic circuit board of the PCB industry. The single-sided PCB as the name implies is that the wires are on one side and the plug-in parts are on the other side. PCB single panels were widely used in various industries in the early days. However, due to the high wiring requirements of single side PCB, each line must have a separate path and cannot cross. 

Single Side PCB/Single-sided PCB

For single sided flex pcb with many wirings, the stability is not enough and the performance is also missing. Gradually develop towards dual panels. Therefore, the usage rate and yield of pcb single panels are gradually decreasing; at present, pcb single panels are used more in power supply boards.

Single Side PCB/Single-sided PCB

The single-panel wiring diagram is mainly screen printing, that is, a resist is printed on the copper surface. After etching, it is marked with a solder resist. Finally, the part guide hole and punching process are completed. shape. In addition, some small and diverse products use a photoresist to form patterns.

Single Side PCB/Single-sided PCB
  • Usual Material of Single-side PCB: HB XPC FR-1 FR-4 CEM-1

  • Certification: UL, ISO9001, ISO/TS16949: 2002, IS014001 and RoHS

  • The Capacity of Production: 60, 000SQM. /month

Parameters of Single Side PCB/Single-sided PCB

Number of LayersSingle side
PCB ThicknessMin.thickness0.8mm(32mil)
Surface finishedFlux
Nickel Plating
Gold Plating
Hot Air Solder Leveling(HASL)
Entek Coating (OSP)
Solder MaskGreen,White,Black,Yellow,Red,Blue
Other printingSilver through hole
Carbon Print, Peelable Mask
Carbon Through Hole
Copper thickness1/2 oZ(18 μm) - 1 oZ (35 μm)
Min. Hole SizeCNC-Drilled0.4mm (16 mil)
Punched0.8mm (32 mil)
Hole Size Tolerance (CNC Drilled)+/ -0.076mm (3 mil)
Hole Size Tolerance (Punched)+/ -0.1mm (4 mil)
Min. Line Width and Spacing0.2mm (8 mil)
Min. Solder Mask Clearance (UV Cure)0.15mm (6 mil)
Min. Solder Mask Clearance (Thermal Cure)0.1mm (4 mil)
Min. Annular Ring0.15mm (6mil)
Profile and V-CutStamping, V-Cut and Beveling,CNC
Warp & Twist≤ 0.7%

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