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Security applications: Security systems within and outside the home, enterprise, including surveillance, burglar alarms, and access control, etc., use security PCBs to coordinate various components and signals used to detect the presence of intruders. In addition, smoke or fire alarms, electronic door locks, and motion sensors all use security PCB.

The intrusion detector in the PCB is a front-end device in the intrusion alarm system. It consists of various detectors and is the tactile part of the intrusion alarm system. Security PCB is equivalent to human eyes, nose, ears, skin, etc., and senses the temperature, humidity, changes in various physical quantities such as odor and energy, and converts them into electrical signals suitable for transmission in accordance with certain rules.

Security PCB System

Security System

PCB Security Tips

There are many areas of PCB design that need to be considered for safety spacing. Here are PCB security tips about electrical safety spacing.

1. the spacing between the conductors

In terms of the processing capabilities of mainstream PCB manufacturers, the minimum spacing between the wire and the wire must not be less than 4 mil. minimum line spacing, but also the line to line, line to pad distance.

From the production point of view, the larger the better, the more common is 10mil.

2.pad aperture and pad width

On the mainstream PCB manufacturer's processing capabilities, pad aperture if the mechanical drilling method, the minimum shall not be less than 0.2mm, if the laser drilling method, the minimum shall not be less than 4mil.

The aperture tolerance is slightly different depending on the plate, generally can be controlled within 0.05mm, the minimum width of the pad shall not be less than 0.2mm.

3.the spacing between the pad and pad

On the mainstream PCB manufacturer's processing capabilities, the spacing between the pads and pads shall not be less than 0.2mm.

4.the spacing between the copper skin and the edge of the board

Charged copper and PCB board edge spacing is best not less than 0.3mm. in Design-Rules-Board outline page to set the spacing rules.

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