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Rigid PCB
Rigid PCB
Rigid PCB
Rigid PCB

Often Used As a Motherboard——Rigid PCB

PCB board can be divided into rigid pcb, flexible pcb (FPC) and rigid-flex pcb according to the hardness.

Rigid pcb is often used as a motherboard. Generally, FR4 is used as the base material, and it cannot be bent. It is generally used in some places where relatively hard strength is required, such as computer motherboards and mobile phone motherboards.

SPEEDAPCB is a professional PCB supplier. We can provide customers with one-stop service from PCB design to PCB production and assembly.

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Features of Rigid PCB

Rigid PCB

As a professional PCB manufacturer, we have factories in Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Hunan, using advanced production equipment to ensure the high quality of our products. We have 10 PCB production lines, the machine works 24 hours a day, only to provide customers with satisfactory delivery time. In addition, all our products have obtained ISO-9001 quality system certification, ISO-14001 environmental system certification, and UL certification.

SPEEDAPCB has been focusing on producing various rigid PCB, flexible PCB, and rigid-flex PCB.

Rigid PCB

SPEEDAPCB can provide you:

  1. Stable quality: We use advanced PCB machines and test equipment to ensure stable and stable PCB quality during production.

  2. Super cost-effective.

  3. On-time delivery service: double-sided can be completed within 24 hours, and the fourth floor will be ready within 72 hours.

Rigid printed boards include phenolic paper laminates, epoxy paper laminates, polyester glass felt laminates and epoxy glass cloth laminates.

Parameters of Rigid PCB

Process Capability And Checking Parameters(Hard Board)

NOITEMTechnical Capabilities
2Max.Board Size1200*610mm
3Finished Board Thickness0.2mm--10.0mm,17.5mm for samples
4Finished Copper Thickness17um-420um
5Min.Trace Width/Space0.075mm/0.065mm
6Min.Hole Size0.15mm
7Hole Dim. Tolerance(PTH)±0.05mm
8Hole Dim.Tolerance(NPTH)±0.05mm
9Drill Location Tolerance±0.05mm
10V-Cut Degrees20-90 ºC
11Min.V-Cut PCB Thickness0.4mm
12N/C Routing Tolerance±0.1mm
13Min.Blind/Buried Via0.15mm
14Plug Hole Size0.2mm--0.6mm
15Min.BGA PAD0.2mm
16MaterialsFR4,Aluminium,High Tg,Halogen-free,Rogers,ShengYi,KB
17Surface FinishLF-HAL,ENIG,ImAg,ImSn,OSP,Gold plating,ENIG+OSP,HAL+G/F
18Warp & Twist≤0.75%
19Electrical Testing50--300V
20Solderability Testing245±5ºC,3sec Wetting area least95%
21Thermal Cycling Testing288±5ºC,10sec,3cycles
22Ionic Contamination TestingPb,Hg,Cd,Cr(VI),PBB,PBDE six items are less than 1000ppm
23Soldmask Adhesion Testing260ºC+/-5, 10S,3times

Process Capability - Technical Parameters(FPC)

ContentCommonSpecialSurface treatmentThickness
Minimum line width0.07mm0.05mmElectroplated nickel goldNi:3-9um;
Minimum line spacing0.07mm0.05mm
Minimum Drilling apertureΦ 0.15mmΦ 0.1mm
Aperture Tolerance±0.1mm±0.05mmChemical immersion goldNi:3-5um;
Maximum imposition size
(single panel)
(Exposure limit)
(only develop test samples)
Maximum imposition size
(double panel)
(Exposure limit)
(only develop test samples)
Maximum imposition size
(single panel & double panel
no PTH self-drying ink + UV light solid)
610*1650mmElectroplated hard goldNi:2-9um;
Finished board impedance tolerance±10%Electroplated pure tinSn:3-7um
Maximum production layer12L
Thickness To Diameter Ratio2:1(Minimum aperture 0.1mm)
5:1(Minimum aperture 0.2mm)Anti-oxidation
8:1(Minimum aperture 0.3mm)
Monthly production capacity/m²16000 m²


Substrate MaterialPI(0.5mil,1mil,2mil),PET(0.5mil,1mil)
Conductive MediumCopper foil(1/3oz,1/2oz,1oz,2oz)
Silver Paste
Copper Ink
AdhesiveEpoxy resin, Acrylic, Adhesion
Solder Mask / Protective FilmPI(0.5mil,1mil,2mil)(Yellow, White, Black)
Solder mask (green, yellow, black...)
Reinforcement TypePI,FR4,PET,Steel,Aluminum...

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Q: What file formats do you accept for production?
A: Gerber file: CAM350 RS274XPCB file: Protel 99SE, P-CAD 2001 PCBBOM: Excel (PDF,word,txt)
Q: Packing?
A: Flexible packing according to the specific requirements of the clients.
Q: Delivery terms and time?
A: We will ship the goods by DHL, TNT, Fedex, UPS or Aramex.the order can be sent out within 7-30 days depend on your order quantity, customization.
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