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Printed Circuit Board Testing Technology

Printed circuit board testing appeared in 1960. At that time, through-hole printed circuit board was invented and applied in batch. This technology was mainly used to detect the connection relationship of single-sided printed circuit board and the voltage peak value of dielectric, namely "bare board test". In the 1970s, the test technology of bare board power on connection was gradually transferred to the more important circuit interconnection test of circuit components.

With the progress of circuit assembly technology, the demand of electronic products based on PCB is growing rapidly. Therefore, how to accurately detect surface assembly components, such as the knowability, testability and process control degree of components or product assembly quality, has become the focus of attention of engineers of circuit assembly process and PCB quality. And then related research was vigorously carried out, and online testing aiming at technology and equipment of PCB printed circuit board testing appeared.


Especially under the support of computer software and hardware, network communication, meter bus, test measurement and other technical support, SMA detection system also has a great development. At present, SMA detection focuses on self-test of circuit and chip circuit, process structure test and process control technology of SMT chip processing and welding. It also presents the trend of high-precision, high-speed, fault statistical analysis, networking, remote diagnosis, virtual testing and so on.

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