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Precautions for PCB Board Soldering

1. After getting the bare PCB, the appearance inspection should be carried out first to see if there are problems such as a short circuit and an open circuit. Then get familiar with the schematic diagram of the development board, and compare the schematic diagram with the PCB screen printing layer to avoid the inconsistency between the schematic diagram and PCB.

2. After the materials required for custom made pcb boards soldering are ready, the components shall be classified, and all components can be divided into several categories according to the size, so as to facilitate subsequent soldering. A complete material list needs to be printed. In the soldering process, after each soldering item, the corresponding options will be crossed out, so as to facilitate the subsequent soldering operation.

Before PCB board soldering, anti-static measures such as wearing an electrostatic ring should be taken to avoid static electricity causing damage to components. After the soldering equipment is ready, the soldering iron head shall be kept clean and tidy. It is recommended to use flat angle soldering iron for the first soldering. When soldering 0603 package components, the soldering iron can better contact the pad to facilitate soldering. It is not a problem for skilled people.

PCB board soldering.png

3. When selecting components for soldering, soldering shall be carried out according to the sequence of components from low to high and from small to large to avoid the soldering inconvenience of larger components to smaller components. Soldering IC chips should be carried out first.

4. It is necessary to ensure the correct orientation of IC chips before soldering of the integrated circuit chip. For the chip screen layer, the general rectangular pad represents the starting pin. When soldering, one pin of the chip should be fixed first, and then the diagonal pin of the chip should be fixed after the position of the component is adjusted so that the component can be accurately connected to the position before soldering.

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