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Practical Reasons Why Most Multilayer PCB Boards Are Even-layers, Rather Than Odd-layers

1. Does the multilayer PCB board have an odd number of layers?

In the cognition of the multilayer PCB board, do you all think that the multilayer PCB boards are all even-numbered layers, and there are no odd-numbered layers? In the circuit board knowledge that not many people understand, this is actually what they think, but in fact, there are not only even-numbered layers, but also odd-numbered layers, but they are very rare.

2. Reasons why there are more even-numbered multilayer PCB boards than odd-numbered

The common types of PCB boards are single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layered (4, 6, 8, 10, 12 layers). With the continuous advancement of technology, there are also PCB boards with more than 100 layers, but the most common multilayer PCB boards are still four-layer PCB, six-layer and eight-layer boards. The odd-numbered multi-layer PCB board has no advantage compared to the even-numbered multi-layer PCB board.

In terms of cost, the cost of raw materials for odd-numbered boards is lower than that of even-numbered PCB boards, but in terms of processing technology, odd-numbered layers has fewer requirements than even-numbered layers. In terms of the production process between the two, the production of the inner layer is roughly the same, mainly because the processing of the number of outer layers requires the three major forces of human, material, and financial resources. Odd-number PCB boards need complicated processing, and if not careful, it is easy to cause the risk of scratches and etch errors on the outer layer.

From the perspective of structural design, the odd-numbered circuit board is not conducive to the requirements of balance and symmetry, and this disadvantage can easily cause the circuit board to be easily bent during the manufacturing process. Therefore, under unnecessary requirements, those who design PCB circuit boards will not design odd-numbered boards, and these are the reasons why even-numbered multilayer PCB boards are more than odd-numbered.

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