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Point: What are the Secrets of Wiring of the PCB Board Printer?

The wiring of PCB board printer is an important step before PCB production, which will directly affect the processing quality of the subsequent PCB board printer. So, what are the secrets for PCB layout?


1. Reasonably handle the relationship between power and ground  

The interference caused by improper handling of the power supply and ground wire will reduce the performance of the product. Therefore, the wiring of the power supply and ground wire must be taken seriously, and the noise interference generated by the power supply and ground wire should be minimized to ensure the product quality.

2. Internally deal with the problem of common ground between digital ground and analog ground

The frequency of digital circuit is high, and the sensitivity of analog circuit is strong. The problem of digital and analog common ground must be dealt with inside the PCB board printer. Moreover, the digital ground and analog ground are actually separated inside the board and they are not connected to each other. Only at the interface (such as plug) where the PCB is connected to the outside world. There is a short connection between the digital ground and the analog ground. Please note that there is only one connection point.

3. Wiring on the electrical (ground) layer

The power layer should be considered first, and the ground layer second.

4. Large area conductors are connected by the legs of components

There are some hidden dangers in the welding and assembly of components, which may easily cause virtual solder joints. The solution is to make a cross-pattern pad, commonly known as a thermal pad.

5. The wiring is determined by the network system

There must be a reasonably dense grid system to support the wiring.

6. The wiring design needs to be carefully checked

The inspection content includes: Is the distance between line and line, line and component pad, line and through hole, component pad and through hole, and through hole and through hole reasonable? Is the width of the power cord and ground wire appropriate? Is there a tight coupling between power and ground? Is there any place to widen the ground wire in the PCB board printer?

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