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SI/PI Simulation Analysis

Using the computer to realize the simulation research of the system is not only convenient and flexible but also economical. We offer PCB thermal analysis software free.

Evolution of PI Simulation

 Therefore, computer simulation plays an important role in simulation technology. 

  • In the early 1950s, the vast majority of simulation studies of continuous systems were conducted on analog computers. 

  • In the mid-1950s, people began to use digital computers to realize digital simulation. Computer simulation technology then developed in two directions: analog computer simulation and digital computer simulation.

  • After adding logic control and analog storage functions to analog computer simulation, hybrid analog computer simulation and hybrid computer simulation combining hybrid analog computers and digital computers have emerged. In the process of developing simulation technology, a large number of simulation packages and simulation languages have been developed. 

  • In the late 1970s, a dedicated all-digital parallel simulation computer was successfully developed.

SI/PI Simulation Analysis

(PI) Advantages of Simulation Design

1. Diversified products and rich engineering experience

2. Comparison of simulation and test to continuously improve simulation accuracy

3. Help solve power problems through simulation and accurate power test

SI/PI Simulation Analysis

The Advantages of Speedapcb PCB Simulation Analysis and Calculation

The PCB simulation analysis and calculation developed by SPEED Co., Ltd. have high precision; easy to use, easy to modify parameters; adopting program control, and a high degree of automation. The designer has rich experience and can customize the effect of PCB simulation software you want according to your requirements to provide you with satisfactory service and quality.

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