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The production process of PCB is relatively complex, and it involves a wide range of processes, from simple mechanical processing to complex mechanical processing. There are common chemical reactions and photochemical electrochemical thermochemical processes, computer-aided design CAM, and other aspects of knowledge. Speeda PCB company offers cheap online PCB fabrication and manufacturing

Introduction to SPEEDAPCB Fabrication Service

Who are we?

SPEEDAPCB products are widely used in industrial control, communications, new energy, automotive, medical equipment, security, aerospace, and other fields.

  • The PCB factories are located in Guangdong Province and Jiangxi Province.

  • Provide 2-64 layer sample and batch PCB production services

  • Ordinary board / M4 / M6 / Roger / TU872 and other boards

  • Ordinary board / HDI board / FPC / rigid-flex board / metal substrate

  • ISO9001, ISO14001, UL certification

Our advantage

  • Born in technology, we understand R & D needs

  • Perfect integration of design and production

  • Reliable quality

  • Fast delivery and timely delivery

Why choose us?

  • PCB production services that meet R & D needs

  • Anxious for your urgency, fast delivery

  • Multilayer PCB fabrication service

PCB Fabrication Service Details

Plate Thickness0.6-10mm
Minimum mechanical aperture0.2mm
Minimum laser aperture4mil
HDI Type1+n+1、2+n+2、3+n+3
Minimum line width & spacing4/4mil
Impedance control+/-10%
Maximum copper thickness6oz
Maximum plate thickness ratio16:01
Maximum board size610mm X 1100mm
BoardFR4/Hi-Tg/Rogers/Halogen Free/RCC/PTFE/Nelco/Mixed material
Special processingBuried blind holes, stepped grooves, metal substrates, embedded resistors, buried capacitors, mixed pressure, soft and hard bonding, back drilling, stepped gold fingers, etc.

Double-Sided6 days48 hours
4 Layers8 days3 days
6 Layers10 days3 days
8 Layers10 days4 days
10 Layers12 days4 days
12 Layers12 days5 days
14 Layers14 days6 days
16 Layers16 days6 days
18 Layers18 days6 days
20 Layers18 days10 days
22 Layers20 days10 days
24 Layers20 days10 days
26 Layers20 days10 days

PCB Flow

PCB Flow

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