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PCB Design Attention Points

About the circuit board design, if the circuit board design is not reasonable its performance will be greatly reduced, seriously even can not work properly. Here are some tips for custom circuit board design.

1. Physical border

1)When making a physical border, the size of the physical border must be accurate, and the width of borderline should be as small as possible (0.2mm is highly recommended); Need to improve the requirements of the processing factory, so as to avoid late installation

2)Physical frame as far as possible does not use right angles, the best use of arc, so as not to hurt people.

2. Installation hole

The layout of the installation hole should be as square or rectangular as possible, not into other strange shapes.

3. Layout and Wiring

1)Placement order

First place the components of fixed position related to the structure, such as power socket, indicator light, switch, connector, etc., these devices are placed well with the software's LOCK function to LOCK it so that it will not be mistakenly moved in the future. Then place special components and large components on the line, such as heating elements, transformers, IC, etc. Finally, place the gadgets.

2)Pay attention to heat dissipation

Also, pay special attention to heat dissipation in the component layout. For a high-power circuit, we should place the heating element at the edge of the board as far as possible, such as a power tube, transformer, etc., for heat distribution, also do not be too close to the capacitor to avoid premature aging of electrolyte.

4. Simulation

After finishing the layout and wiring of PCB, it is better to do a software simulation if time permits. Especially for the high-frequency digital circuit, the software simulation can find some problems in advance, greatly reducing the later debugging workload.

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