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PCB Assembly Service

The printed circuit board assembly is a substrate for assembling electronic parts and is a printed board that forms connection between points and prints components on a general-purpose base material according to a predetermined design.

The Role of PCB Assembly

The main function of this product is to make various electronic components form a predetermined circuit connection, and play the role of relay transmission. It is a key electronic interconnection of electronic products, and is known as the "mother of electronic products". PCB is used as a substrate and a key interconnection for electronic parts. Any electronic equipment or product needs to be equipped.

PCB Assembly Service

PCB Assembly Service Parameters

Max BoardL50×W50mm~L510×W460mm
Max Thick Plate3mm
Min Thick Plate0.5mm
Min Chip Part150mm*150mm
Max Components SizeMax Components Placement Accuracy(100FP)
Min Pin Part Spacing0.3mm
Min BGA Spacing0.3mm
Max Components Placement Accuracy(100FP)Full placement accuracy of ±50 microns, repeatability up to ±30 microns
Mount Capability3-4 million/day
DIP Plug Processing10 million

PCB Assembly Process

PCB assembly is a printed circuit board assembly service. The production process of PCB is relatively complex. It involves a wide range of processes, from simple mechanical processing to complex mechanical processing. There are common chemical reactions and photochemical electrochemical thermochemical processes. Computer-aided design CAM and other knowledge. Moreover, there are many process problems in the production process and new problems will be encountered from time to time.

PCB Assembly

Some of the problems will disappear without identifying the cause. Since the production process is a discontinuous assembly line, any problem will cause the entire line to stop production. Or the consequences of a lot of scrapping. If the printed circuit board is scrapped, it cannot be recycled and reused. SPEEDPCB has professional senior designers. Our company can also design one-to-one for customers. Experienced designers can reduce development time.



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