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Notes for PCB Board Soldering

1. There is no difference between anode and cathode in ceramic chip capacitor and voltage stabilizing diode. Anode and cathode of light emitting diodes, tantalum capacitors and electrolytic capacitors should be differentiated. For capacitors and diode components, generally, the end with obvious identification shall be cathode. In the package of SMD LED, the direction along the lamp is anode-cathode. For the package components with screen printed diode circuit diagram, the cathode of diode should be placed at one end with vertical line.

2. For the crystal oscillator, the passive crystal oscillator generally has only two pins, and there is no anode and cathode. Active crystal oscillator generally has four pins. It is necessary to pay attention to the definition of each pin to avoid soldering errors.

PCB board soldering.png

3. For the soldering of plug-in components, such as power module related components, the pin of the device can be modified before soldering. After the components are placed and fixed, the solder is melted by soldering iron on the back, and then the pad is integrated into the front. It is not necessary to put too much solder, and the components should be stable first.

4. During the pcb board soldering, the PCB design problems should be recorded in time, such as incorrect pad size design and component packaging error, for subsequent improvement.

5. After soldering, the magnifying glass should be used to check the solder joint and check whether there are problems such as false soldering and short circuit.

6. After completing the pcb board soldering, clean the surface of the circuit board with the cleaning agent such as alcohol to prevent the circuit short circuit caused by the iron filings attached on the surface of the circuit board. It also makes the circuit board more clean and beautiful.

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