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Nowadays, the reduction of the size of the basic printed circuit board will reach half or the quarter of the original size. The extremely thin wires that designers couldn't use before are now the mainstream, and the thinnest wire with 75 micrometers (3 mils) has gradually been reduced to 30 micrometers (1.2 mils) or even thinner. 

Manufacturers of a sophisticated microcircuit can be divided into four groups. The first group is in the Asian area, which has developed the unique thin wire process for phones or iPods and can arrange wires of 40-50 micrometers. The second group consists of the research and development companies of limited numbers which produce small numbers of very professional circuits with thin wires of less than 40 micrometers.

The third group is expanding its business of large and medium-sized PCB with the highest speed. They provide a little output with wires of 75-40 micrometers in width, and they can produce several thousand within weeks. At last, the fourth group produce PCB normally with the wires of 125-75 micrometers and includes a large number of manufacturers and participants.

As the microelectronics business expands, more and more PCB companies find out the necessary technology in producing the very thin wires with a width of 40 micrometers, and even less than it, circuit designers need to be familiar with the new design rules and the merits and demerits of microelectronics manufacturing.

PCB Design Service:

  • All kinds of PCB design service including multilayer, rigid, flexible, and rigid-flexible PCB

  • Easily accomplish the sophisticated and concentrated PCB layout design

  • Advanced component packaging and library creation, including BGA, QFN packaging

  • High-speed PCB design, including differential pairs, length matching, etc.

  • High expertise in critical and sensitive signal routing in analog and digital circuits

  • PCB Reverse Engineering Service

  • Redesign services to correct defects or optimize existing PCB designs to reduce costs

  • PCB model making

  • PCB manufacturing

  • PCB design testing service

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