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In recent years, under the influence of four major factors: continuous improvement in consumer income, consumer demand upgrade, the rapid development of electronic information technology, active participation of large enterprises, and policy push, China's IoT construction process has accelerated.

The characteristics of the IoT PCB design are:

  • Possibility of denser circuits

  • Suitable for harsh environments

  • High tensile strength

  • Light weight-in fact they can reduce weight by up to 95%.

  • Greater resistance

  • Increase speed and reliability

Clean circuit paths-HDI boards provide multiple routing options. In addition, designers can replace vias with micro vias, which can greatly improve signal integrity.

Cost Efficiency-Reduced need for layering leads to products and smaller sizes benefiting from the improvement of IOT pcb design that also bring significant cost advantages.

With the development and complexity of PCBs, challenges are slowly being erased. The future is certainly a driving force for technology and innovation part of where smart PCB manufacturing can play a role.



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