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High-power industrial applications of PCBs are common. These electronic components control the mechanisms used in factories and manufacturing facilities and must withstand the harsh conditions common in industrial installations. This could include anything, including harsh chemicals, vibration machinery, and rough handling.

In such a rapidly challenging environment, industry standards are equally strict. Currently, thick copper PCBs (much thicker than standard ounce PCBs) are often seen in other applications. This PCB facilitates high current industrial applications and battery chargers.

  • Industrial equipment: Many electric drills and presses used in the manufacturing industry operate using PCB-controlled electronics.

  • Measurement equipment: Equipment used to measure and control pressure, temperature, and other variables in industrial manufacturing processes.

  • Power equipment: DC-AC power inverter, solar cogeneration equipment, and other power control equipment.

Industrial Control PCB functions

The environment in which industrial equipment is used is complex. PCBs based on industrial automation control should work normally under high temperatures, high humidity, and high corrosion conditions. There should be no problems with long-term use. PAD manufacturers develop unique processes and testing methods based on the characteristics of industrial control PCBs to ensure that the PCBs meet the quality requirements of industrial equipment.

Industrial Control PCB applications

The increase in labor cost makes the application of industrial automation equipment more and more widespread. It is a trend that industrial equipment is becoming more and more automated and intelligent. Especially with the development of Internet technology, intelligent network devices are becoming more and more popular.


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