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FPC is a kind of flexible circuit board, which belongs to PCB. FPC is widely used, such as FPCC connector, FPC antenna, wireless charging coil array and so on. What are the FPC materials?

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1. Raw material

(1) Adhesive material and non-adhesive material: The copper on flexible PCB material is divided into electrolytic copper and rolling copper, and the material of non-adhesive rolling copper is flexible and foldable.

(2) Thickness of material: PI + copper thickness 

2. Cover film

Cover film is consisted of PI and adhesive.

3. Reinforcement

Generally, there are the following types of reinforcement: PI reinforcement, PET reinforcement, FR4 reinforcement, steel sheet reinforcement, etc. Generally, the thickness of reinforcement is PI1/2 1/2, PI11, PI21, PI31 to PI91. The two numeric values after PI represent the thickness of PI and the thickness of adhesive, and the unit is Mil. Thickness is according to customer requirements.

4. Pure gum

The pure gum is mainly used for the multi-layer plate of lamination and layered plate, and also used for bonding reinforcement.

5. Screen closure film

Screen closure film mainly acts as a signal screen closure and should be grounded.

6. 3M adhesive

3M adhesive can be used for bonding reinforcement, fixation of FPC and so on.

FPC flexible circuit board will play an important role in the future development. For example, the newly developed flexible screen, mobile phone, computer, automobile, aviation and other fields are inseparable from flexible circuit board. 

What do you think of the development direction of PCB in the future?

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