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Flexible PCB
Flexible PCB
Flexible PCB
Flexible PCB

Made of a Flexible Insulating Substrate——Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB is generally made of a flexible insulating substrate and is a flexible material that can be bent and flexed arbitrarily. FPC is favored for its lightweight, thin thickness, and free bending and folding. FPC is generally used in boards that need to be repeatedly flexed or used to link some small parts, but now it is not just that. At present, smartphones are developing to bend, which requires the key technology of FPC.

SPEEDAPCB is a professional PCB supplier. We can provide customers with a one-stop service from PCB design to PCB production and assembly.

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Features of Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB

As a professional PCB manufacturer, we have factories in Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Hunan, using advanced production equipment to ensure the high quality of our products. We have 10 PCB production lines, the machine works 24 hours a day, only to provide customers cheap flat flex PCB with satisfactory delivery time. In addition, all our products have obtained ISO-9001 quality system certification, ISO-14001 environmental system certification, and UL certification.

SPEEDAPCB has been focusing on flex PCB prototyping and flexible PCB fabrication assembly.

Flexible PCB

The flexible printed circuit board has the following characteristics:

  1. Reduce the size of the application product, save space, greatly reduce weight, increase the effect, and reduce cost.

  2. Highly flexible, can be three-dimensional wiring, change shape according to space constraints.

  3. Foldable without affecting signal transmission, anti-static interference.

  4. High and low temperature resistance and flame resistance.

  5. Stable chemical change, high stability, and reliability.

  6. Provide more related solutions for related products, which can reduce assembly man-hours and errors, and increase the service life of related products.

Flexible PCB

Flexible printed circuit boards are widely used in commercial electronic equipment, automotive dashboards, printers, hard disk drives, floppy disk drives, fax machines, car mobile phones, general phones, notebook computers, cameras, video cameras, CD-ROMs, Hard drives, watches, computers, cameras, medical equipment, and other electronic products and equipment.

Parameters of Flexible PCB

Layer1-6 layer
Copper foil Thickness1/3OZ - 2OZ (0.012mm-0.075mm)
Board Thickness tolerance±0.05mm
Insulating layer Thickness12.5-250um
Hole Diameter for CNC/laser Drilling0.2mm-6.4mm
Slot holeΦ=0.6mm
Mini hole to hole distance0.1mm
(Outer-circle to outer-circle)
Hole center tolerance±0.025mm
Crossed-hole tolerance±0.05mm
Non-crossed hole tolerance±0.025mm
Hole Position±0.075mm
Thickness of PTH copper-platingDouble-sided board: 15um-8um
No-gel double-sided board: 12um-6um
Multi-layer board: 18um-12um
Rigid-flexible board: 24um-18um
FinishingENIG gold thickness: 0.025um-0.05um
Nickel Thickness:  1um-3um
Gold-plating thickness: 0.025-0.4um
Nickel Thickness:   1.5um-6um
Wire&line-to-line spacingFor 1/3OZ copper foil:
Single layer FPC: 0.05mm/0.05mm
Multi-layer FPC:  0.075mm/0.075mm
Or as required of the line length
For 1/2OZ copper foil:
Single layer FPC: 0.065mm/0.065mm
Double-layer FPC: 0.065mm/0.055mm
Or according to the line length
For 1OZ copper foil:
Single layer FPC:  0.075mm/0.075mm
Double-layer FPC : 0.07mm/0.07mm
Or according to the line length
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