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Double Sided PCB
Double Sided PCB
Double Sided PCB
Double Sided PCB
Double Sided PCB
Double Sided PCB
Double Sided PCB
Double Sided PCB

Wiring on the Double-sided Board——Double Sided PCB

There are wiring on both sides of the dual layer PCB, but to use the wires on both sides, you must have a proper circuit connection between the two sides. This "bridge" between circuits is called a via. A via is a small hole filled or coated with metal on the PCB. It can be connected to the wires on both sides. Because the area of the double-sided board is twice as large as the single-sided board, the dual layer PCB solves the difficulty of wiring interleaving in the single-sided board (which can be conducted to the other side through the hole), and it is more suitable for more complicated circuits than the single-sided board.

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Features of Double Sided PCB

Double Sided PCB

SPEEDAPCB is a professional PCB supplier. We can provide customers with a one-stop service from PCB design to PCB production and assembly. 

As a professional PCB manufacturer, we have 10 PCB production lines to manufacture double sided PCB board prototype. The machine works 24 hours a day, only to provide customers with satisfactory delivery time.

Double Sided PCB

Our PCB boards can be divided into single-panel double-panel and multilayer boards according to their structure. The double sided PCB board is a board with double-sided wiring on the board. An important feature of the double sided prototype PCB is that it has a guide hole to connect the wires on both sides into a circuit.

Double Sided PCB

The double-panel wiring can be staggered with each other, which is the biggest difference from a single-panel; the double-panel is more suitable for complex circuits and has a wider range of use.

Double Sided PCB

The cost of single and double panels is not much different. If there is no special requirement, all industries will give preference to double panels; after all, the performance and stability of double panels are better than single panels.

Parameters of Double Sided PCB

Number of LayersDouble Side
MaterialFR-4,CEM-3,HighTg, Aluminum,
Halogen Free
PCB ThicknessMin.thickness0.2mm(8mil)
Surface finishedGold Plating
Immersion Gold(Silver)
HAL Lead Free
Hot Air Solder Leveling(HASL)
Entek Coating (OSP)
Solder MaskAny color Green, White,Black, Yellow, Red, Blue
Other printingGold Finger
Carbon Print, Peelable Mask
Solder Mask Plugged Hole
Copper thickness1/ 2 oz (18 um) - 4 oz (140 um)
Min. Finished Hole Size0.3mm(12mil)
Hole Size Tolerance (PTH)+/ -0.076mm (3 mil)
Hole Size Tolerance (NPTH)+/-0.05mm (2 mil)
Min. Line Width and Spacing0.10mm (4 mil)
Min. Solder Mask Clearance0.076mm (3 mil)
Min. Annular Ring0.1mm (4mil)
Profile and V-CutCNC-Routing, Stamping and Beveling, V-CUT,CNC
Special ProcessMicro-section, Chamfer for Gold Finger
TestingElectrical Testing, Controlled Impedance Testing, Flying Probe Test, X-Ray Inspection AOI Test
EnvironmentClean room environmen , Dust-free workshop
TransportationFedex, DHL, UPS, etc.
FilesGerber ,Protel ,Autocad ,Powerpcb, Orcad, etc.

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A: We will ship the goods by DHL, TNT, Fedex, UPS or Aramex.the order can be sent out within 7-30 days depend on your order quantity, customization.
Q: Packing?
A: Flexible packing according to the specific requirements of the clients.
Q: What file formats do you accept for production?
A: Gerber file: CAM350 RS274XPCB file: Protel 99SE, P-CAD 2001 PCBBOM: Excel (PDF,word,txt)
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