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In order to facilitate customers to achieve efficient and high-quality electronic assembly services, Speeda, a local China PCB supplier, provides customized services for printed circuit boards including rapid proofing of circuit boards, copying of circuit boards, and mass production of circuit boards. As long as you provide circuit board design documents with relevant requirements, we will promptly produce high-quality PCB boards that meet the design requirements. Our service of custom made PCB boards is not only of high efficiency but also high quality!

The quality level meets the standard IPC2 requirements, ensuring the high quality of the circuit board and making the circuit board more suitable for SMT assembly requirements. The circuit board customization process capabilities are summarized in the following table:

Process Capability
Quality LevelIPC2IPC1
Number of Layers1-32layer1-8layer
Order QuantityMOQ: 15-100 (Multiples of 5)
Delivery Time2 Days-5 Weeks2-7 Days
MaterialFR4 High Tg Halogen-free Aluminum Substrate RogersFR4
PCB Size6×6mm-600×700mm6×6mm-500×500mm
PCB Size Tolerance±0.1mm-±0.3mm
PCB Thickness0.4mm-3.2mm0.4mm-2mm
Thickness Tolerance0.1mm-±10%
Copper Thickness0.5oz-6oz1oz-2oz
Inner Copper Thickness0.5oz-2oz0.5oz-1oz
Copper Thickness Tolerance±0.1um-±20um0-±20um
Minimum Wire Width/Distance3mil/3mil5mil/6mil(Copper Thickness:1oz)3mil/3mil(Copper Thickness:2oz)
Solder Resist ColorGreen, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Character ColorWhite, Blue, Black, Red, YellowWhite, Black
Surface TreatmentLeaded/Lead-free HASLLeaded/Lead-free HASL
Leaded/Lead-free Chemical Immersion Au/Ag/Sn Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP)Leaded/Lead-free Chemical Immersion Au
Welding Ring Width3mil5mil
Minimum Via Diameter6mil(Non-laser) 4mil(Laser)8mil
Minimum Width of Non-electroplated Groove0.8mm
Non-electroplated Via Diameter Tolerance±0.02”(±0.05mm)
Minimum Width of Electroplated Groove0.6mm
Electroplated Via Diameter Tolerance±0.03”(±0.08mm) - ±4mil±003”(±0.08mm) - ±0.06”
Copper Thickness within Via20um-30um
Solder Resist Widowing Tolerance±0.03”
Ratio of Thickness and Via Diameter10:01
Testing10V-250V, Flying Probe or Fixture
Impedance Tolerance±5%-±10%——
Chamfering of G/F20, 30, 45, 60
Other ProcessesBuried & Blind Via, Peelable Solder Resist, Carbon Oil, High-Temperature Tape, Counter-bored Via, Half Via, Plug Oil in Via/Insert Resin, Via on Pad

If you need customized circuit board production and assembly services, please select "Contact us" at the bottom of the online, then upload the PCB design file and submit the inquiry request. We will provide you with a quotation for the shortest time. Click the button below to enter the assembly inquiry page!

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