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The development of integrated circuits has promoted the upgrading of computers. It plays an important role in the electronic age, just like the role of the metal processing industry in the past industrial revolution.

Due to the application of integrated circuits, a new development direction for computers has emerged, namely the miniaturization of computers. Although there are few functions, reliable, low-cost minicomputers have been greatly developed. The price of a minicomputer is only a fraction of a few tenths of that of a mainframe, but the function is comparable to that of a low-end general-purpose computer, and the maintenance is easy. Therefore, the computer entered an unprecedented high-speed development stage, and the computer began to spread the Business management field, automatic control industry, and general scientific units.

The above-mentioned booming situation in the computer industry has all benefited from the invention of integrated circuits.

The plane of the computer motherboard is a PCB (printed circuit board), usually four or six layers. Relatively speaking, in order to save costs, low-end motherboards are mostly four-layer boards: the main signal layer, the ground layer, the power layer, and the sub-signal layer, while the six-layer board adds an auxiliary power layer and an intermediate signal layer. Therefore, the six-layer PCB motherboard is more resistant to electromagnetic interference and the motherboard is more stable.

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