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Basic Concepts of PCB

Printed circuit board is a necessary skill for hardware engineers. To be an excellent hardware engineer, we must first understand some basic concepts related to PCB, so as to grasp the core points in the specific design process.

The main function of printed circuit board is to facilitate the electrical connection of components of various shapes and packages. Therefore, the design objectives of PCB are as follows:

Fix all kinds of packaged components properly on the circuit board, and connect the signals of each pin of these devices (through bonding pads);

When connecting the pins of each device, we must meet the required electrical performance and achieve the original intention of the circuit design. The circuit board itself can not bring connection error, noise and distortion to each signal;

At the same time, it should meet the requirements of various mechanical, processing, heat dissipation, electromagnetic interference, etc.

PCB and PCBA are two different concepts  processes. PCB processing is based on the Gerber file provided by the engineer to turn the design into the actual circuit board (bare board without components installed); PCBA is the abbreviation of PCB Assembly, which is the process of welding and installing components on the processed PCB board. PCBA manufacturers weld components on the PCB board by means of mounter and manual welding. Many enterprises do both PCB production and PCBA business.

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