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Our factory is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development, production and sales of printed circuit boards. It provides high-quality and fast PCB production and processing services for domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises. In many top PCB manufacturers, the company has the most advanced processing equipment, and employs experienced professional and technical personnel to provide high-quality products and timely and fast supply.

AS a top PCB manufacturer and the best PCB supplier, the company always adheres to the concept of value-added for customers, actively carries out technical cooperation and exchange with foreign countries, improves R&D capability by introducing, digesting and absorbing various core and cutting-edge technologies, reserves future technologies for customers, and helps customers to have low-cost and highly manufacturable products. Taking technology as the main line, the company has designed the whole process service system from front-end design to back-end product realization. It has passed ISO9001:2000 and UL certification, and the products meet the requirements of IPC standard and ROHS. In order to cooperate with customers to shorten the R&D cycle and product launch time, the company continuously invests a large amount of capital, equipment and manpower every year to continuously improve the process development speed and manufacturing delivery capacity. It has successively provided high-quality products and technical services for high-tech enterprises such as communication and telecommunications, consumer electronics, testing industrial control, medical equipment, power and energy, aerospace, national defense application and science and education institutions.

We all take the interests of customers as the starting point, through the establishment of standardized and efficient quality assurance and service operation system, and constantly deepen more extensive, more perfect and more lasting cooperation with customers! With excellent product quality, high quality service and competitive price, we strive to build a top PCB manufacturer. We sincerely welcome customers from both home and abroad to cooperate with us!

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