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Applications and Advantages of Flex PCB Connectors

Flex PCB connectors (PCB connector is made of folding and bending materials) are used to connect LCD to drive circuit. The main products are 0.5mm pitch, and 0.3mm pitch products have also been widely used.

Flex PCB connectors in application

1. Flex PCB connectors are mainly used in LCD, scanner and other electronic equipment.

2. Flex PCB board is also applied in computer mainboard, LCD, telecommunication card, memory, mobile hard disk, including mobile devices. More and more mobile devices (such as mobile phones, MP3 player and laptops) use impact resistant back lock connectors when using flex PCB connectors.

3. It is applied in automotive electronic connector, vehicle GPS navigation, medical equipment. Products are widely used in audio, digital machine, camera, car audio, television, typewriter, calculator, cash register, telephone, CD-ROM, CVD, DVD, copier, printer, wireless instrument and meter, calling equipment and aerospace products.

Advantages compared to the conventional connectors

Flex PCB connectors have good bending, folding and expansion features. It can be customized for single and double-sided, 4 layer, layered board, hollow board, etc.

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